Alghero the spanish capital of Sardinia

Alghero on the island is a splendid city that dominates the western part of Sardinia, the second largest island in Italy, built mostly of sandstone, a soft and light stone that lent itself for construction and is used throughout southern Italy.
Because of its position, Alghero was a nerve center for trade and defense.
At the end of the fifteenth century, Alghero became one of the least impregnable cities in the Mediterranean after an important strengthening of the walls.
The work was commissioned by Ferdinand II of Spain, husband of Isabella, sovereign of Castile and Leon, who decided to finance the undertaking of Christopher Columbus who would lead him to the discovery of America in 1492.
Of these bastions you can admire the splendid Porta a Mare and the tower of the Sperone Reale which was praised by Charles V who, admiring it, said “beautiful in my faith and very solid”.
The tower has walls 6 m thick and inside a room that served as a prison with an air intake and light at 8 m.
The Porta Royal or Porta di Terra, protected by the drawbridge, closed Alghero to foreigners in the evening.
From here the view extends over spires and bastions of the beautiful town.
Near Alghero there is the great regional park of 5000 hectares – about 12.300 acres named Porto Conte; vultures, fallow deer, the typical Sardinian donkeys populate the highest points of the mainland.
A large marine protected area is part of the park where numerous rare species find refuge among the Poseidon.
At the depth of 100 – 130 m there are the splendid red corals that with those of Trapani are the most beautiful not only in the Mediterranean but in absolute.
654 steps will take you to the caves of Neptune: 4 km of splendid stalactite and stalagmite formations.
The Green Cave will soon be open to the public. With the calm sea they are both reachable by boat.

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