Central Grand Tour

Rome: 4 stage of Grand Tour

Arriving in Rome I suggest you Museo Nazionale Romano a Palazzo Massimo  (whose ticket allows the visit of 3 other sites) in largo di Villa Peretti 67, just in front Termini Station on the left side with beautiful Roman frescoes and a pair of Roman villas (just ask at the reception for the free, obbligatory guided tour), e finest collection of Italian and Vatican coins in Italy. Be aware there is another museum in front of Termini much less interesting on the right- With the same ticket you can visit the Balbi Crypt near Piazza Argentina, the museum Altemps (former residence of Cleopatra) near Piazza Navona.
Continue on to Via Nazionale to the Forum through the Quirinale, the Vittoriano, Trajan markets and the Imperial forum. There do not miss the charming hall of the Senate ( ask at the entry you want to visit the “CURIA”) of Rome, where Ceasar has beek Killed by Brutus!
If you visit the Colosseum, take the ticket at the Forum,( same ticket) . With the hole ticket you will skip the long line at the Colosseum as a VIP.
From there I suggest you to get a taxi to  go for about 7€  to eat at the restaurant of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in via Nazionale 194, the Open Colonna where people of Rome goes, really very nice, good and cheap! 18€, all you can eat (at lunch)
Near Piazza Venezia! Very good (15€ + 3 € the coffee a very rich buffet in Scuderie del Quirinale – only for the visitors of the exibition this last. In both you can eat as much you like.

Return to your steps to pass in front of the Vittoriano, to go to the Pantheon, from here to Piazza Navona passing through San Luigi de ‘Francesi (2 paintings of Caravaggio inside) and then start in Trastevere.

Or from the Pantheon continue along Via del Corso to the Gallery in front of the Parliament Square, cross the gallery and, on the opposite side, go up to Piazza di Trevi where Michelangelo’s well-known fountain awaits you and from there go to the Pasta Museum in the adjacent street .

Hotel Locarno, via della Penna, behind Piazza del Popolo small hotel de charme.
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