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Posted on Apr 12, 2017 in Central Italy, Cities and Towns, Journey, Travel | 0 comments

From Chiusi to Rome or Florence in two days

From Chiusi to Rome or Florence in two days

If you want to go by train from Chiusi, you can travel comfortable to either Rome or Florence in about  hour and a half, and still return in the same day. In Florence to visit the Uffizi Museum  book a few days before at the number 055 294883. to avoid the queue; it is  better than on internet. A Palazzo Pitti you can make two visits: the museum of Argentieri with alll the personal collections of Medici’s family, Boboli garden with the beautiful pavillon with the porcelain and the rose garden and clothing collection, (my favorite);  and the Palace: Palazzo Pitti, the modern art Museum and the exibition there is at the moment of your visit.

A very nice building and very “real” is the visit to Palazzo Davanzati: a palace of 3 floors with authentic furnitures and only the morning need to  book the visit.

In Florence, of course you should see the “ Duomo “ free , beautiful outside not particulary interesting inside, the Battistero, wonderful outside and inside, with the famous doors, il Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, just to have un idea of the period and the architecture with the statue “ La Pietà” of the famous Michelangelo ( he does’nt like it ), and last but not least climb on the tower ( lower ) or up on top of the Duomo, ( higher). The whole ticket price is 15€ ( get it at the museum dell’Opera or through internet) , at the same time remember to book the hour of the visit on the top of the Duomo ( if you want to continue on the tower, it does’nt require the booking, but check it it depends of the period of the year :-).  To see Pitti Palace and Duomo area you need at least 2 days, I guess.

To eat in Florence apart the famous Eataly, I prefer a more secluded bar with a wonderful choice of sandwiches and a glass of wine for 8  Euros: ‘INO in Via dei Georgofili 3r / 7r tel 055 219208 behind the Uffizi, close to Ponte Vecchio either.

Arriving in Rome I suggest you Museo Nazionale Romano at Palazzo Massimo in largo di Villa Peretti 67, just in front Termini Station on the left side with beautiful Roman frescoes and a pair of Roman villas (just ask at the reception for the free, obligatory guided tour), and the beautiful coin collection.  Be aware there is another museum in front of Termini -on the right- much less interesting : Museo delle terme di Diocleziano  . With the same ticket you can visit the Balbi Crypt near Piazza Argentina, the museum Altemps (former residence of Cleopatra) near Piazza Navona. and terme di Diocleziano of course.

Continue on to Via Nazionale to the Forum, through the Quirinale ( the changing guard at 6.00 pm in winter time and at 4.00 pm in summer time) the Vittoriano, Trajan markets and the Imperial forum;  there ( Fori Imperiali) do not miss the charming hall of the Senate ( ask at the entry you want to visit the “CURIA”)  of Rome; where Cesare Augustus has been killed by Brutus!

At the Quirinale you can turn down the area in front of the Palace to reach Fontana di Trevi, ( with the wonderful statues of Michelangelo) just restored, passing in front of  Museo della Pasta: Piazza Scanderbeg 117, in  Palazzo Scanderbeg, nel rione Trevi . you will discover where the pasta has been invented, spaghetti of course, in Italy you may guess; where? may I say ? You will discover yourself. 🙂


If you visit the Colosseum, take the ticket at the Forum, ( same ticket)  you will save a mileage queue and you will enter immediately as a VIP!


Every Saturday you can get a train from San Pietro station, in vaticano), to go to visit “ le ville pontificie “ in Castelgandolfo ” an area of 55 hectares of villas and wonderful gardens belongings to the Pope. You can see the “ quadreria” the collections of pictures and the private apartments.Here the link for all kind of visits of Vaticano, included the Vatican Museum and Sistina Chapel ( I admit , a part the big fresco of  Raffaello, and the Sistina chapel is a “maratona” of , I don’t know how many Km) Please, book your entry as soon as you can early in the morning, to try to end all the visit before the closing.  Or get the opportunity to see all with the special ticket offer from Vatican Organisation :

Anyway,  take a break before to dead exausting :

In Rome I suggest you to go to eat at the restaurant of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in via Nazionale 194, the Open Colonna  where people of Rome goes, really elegant, good and cheap! 15€, all you can eat (at lunch).Much expensive at dinner.  Unfortunately closed in August.

Near Piazza Venezia! Very good (15€ + 3 € the coffee a very rich buffet in Scuderie del Quirinale – only for the visitors of the exibition,  this last. In both you can eat as much you like. Next time I will suggest a day visit to breath the atmosphere of Rome. This one require at least 3 days!

Enjoy your visits!

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