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Posted by on Mar 30, 2019 in Gastronomy | 0 comments

Potatoes gatò

Potatoes gatò is a classic of Sicilian gastronomy; in particular its name comes from a transliteration from the French gateau. It is a very appetizing recipe of simple...

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Posted by on Mar 10, 2019 in Culture, Gastronomy | 0 comments

THE ORIGIN OF TORTELLINI While waiting for the paternity of the tortellini to be re-established in the Romagna region with a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), the legend tells that having stopped a noblewoman in Castelfranco di Romagna and having, hidden, the innkeeper admired her features, he wanted to reproduce her elegant navel. As the Secchia recalls “Imitating Venus the belico (the navel) the art of tortellino learned”. The tortellino in the Romagna cuisine is combined with the meat sauce. It takes at least 5 hours to make a great sauce.

P.S. But, if you want to do the ragù earlier, imitate the Sicilian style. Add a local tomato sauce: it is so thick (but so extraordinarily good) that it will take you...

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