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Posted on Apr 13, 2017 in Central, Cities and Towns | 2 comments

A day in Orvieto

A day in Orvieto

Not far from Rome at about one hour driving on A1 toward Firenze  is Orvieto; the small town would be pleasurable to live in for those in their twilight years:

The cathedral is stupendous (1300-1500 aC).  The walls alternating black and white, good and evil, according to Arab tradition imported from the ports of neighboring Tuscany

The Well  of San Patrizio ( Saint Patrick) an emotion for adults and children: Orvieto stands on a platform to peak between 20 and 50 meters; for this there was a water problem; It needed to reach the deep waters left by prehistoric seas. The first were the Etruscans with tunnels 70 cm wide and as tall as a man who ended up in small tanks each one for every home. But the Architectural masterpiece is the well of St. Patrick built between 1527 and 1557 and commissioned by Pope Farnese to Antonio Sangallo the Young; an engineering marvel.  It can be reached on foot with a double helical ramp with steps wide and with a slight slope where the beasts of burden could walk; there are 72 large windows to flood the well of light, a bridge across the pit that bring to the other ramp.

Some years ago  they opened the “underground town” entrance not far from the Cathedral: 1200 through caves, tunnels, wells and cisterns Etruscans. In one of these wells have opened a restaurant: The restaurant Sciarpa (Via della Cava 28, phone 0763 342 373).

Tourist office in Piazza Duomo 24, times 11 to 12.15, 16 to 17.15 entrance € 5.5.

To  visit Orvieto you could leave the car to the funicular and take the ticket (€ 20 for the adults and 17€ for students and over 65 years  old) which gives you the right to the parking, the funicular, all visits ( Duomo, Cappella di San Brizio, Museo MODO, Museo Faina, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Necropoli di Crocefisso del Tufo, Pozzo di San Patrizio, Torre del Moro, Pozzo della Cava, Orvieto Underground). and last but not least the shuttle service within the visit.

tel. 0763 302378


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