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Who we are…

Italy is a collection of different people who all together make a wonderful set, that conects each other as part of single and unic person. I like to see them in this way: because they are wonderful, and crazy. We could say that the NAPOLETANI, are the ones how “would sell their mother, but not without letting the HEART”, they are the Heart of Italy, you would never expirience people of such a heart feeling like in Naples and surroundings. You know the Neapolitan songs?

The Romans in Lazio? With their secular cynicism are the belly, turning everything in to s……
The Venice and Veneto are obviosly the face of this singular person, they have the most beautiful face of the planet, and obviously Ancona, the Marche? are the hands, industrious hands of skilled craftsmen.
Bologna and Emilia are the legs … all new ideas find immediate application in Emilia, Bologna; and the arms? the hardworking MILAN and Lombardia people.
Florence and Tuscany, there is no dout, with there million jokes: are the voice. But now it’s up to you to continue in the game …

You’ll have to know, that the Italian are brought together from north to south by a strong sense of hospitality, and the wonderful Italian cuisine an arabesque of different tastes united by goodness.
The Italians still are? Latecomers, boisterous … but relatives of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Dante.